Saturday, September 18, 2010

he finally fucks her and then cums all over her delicate feet!

Would you like to lick my ass? Well I have no panties on and just a pair of fully fashioned stockings, a long woolen dress and a pair of black boots. Now when you are licking my ass clean, I do not expect you to look at my pussy, is that clear? You can stick your tongue deep inside my ass and if commanded you can also clean my pussy out with your tongue. Now what do you think of these fully fashioned stockings and suspender belt I am wearing? I bet the site of me in stockings and boots is making your cock very hard. Well I hope it is, but I don’t expect you to be wanking when you are licking and sniffing my ass. Do you understand? So would you like to run your tongue up my fully fashioned stockings, up over my metal clasps on my suspender belt and deep inside my ass and pussy or not? I do hope you like to please a lady and have no limits on how to please a lady. Well what I love is a man who knows what his tongue and mouth is for. A man who can lick an ass and pussy as instructed. Is that you?

he finally fucks her and then cums all over her delicate feet!

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