Sunday, May 30, 2010

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Mr. Johnson discovers that Kelly had turned down another job to take the school job with Principal Johnson. Desperate for a job, Kelly has no choice but to take his hard cock in her ass and mouth!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

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She's the new pencil sharpener in the office who I couldn't help but flirt with. I mean, just look at her, she absolutely oozes sex appeal! Eager to prove her worth to the company, this little ladder climber couldn't wait to charm my pants off and 'gofer' my cock. Watch me push my pencil to the back of her throat while she sucks hard on my eraser head. Talk about taking good notes shorthand, the only liquid paper she needed was the white stuff she licked off my dick.

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Would you like some cream with your coffee, sweetie? Kasey's been a messy girl this morning, spilling coffee on her skirt and the carpet. I came to clean it up, but ended up getting my pipe cleaned and leaving a few stains of my own. See some outstanding deepthroat action and violating anal pumpage as Kasey gets worked at work. This blue-eyed, raven haired whore taste her own ass, then milks my cock into her coffee mug and sips.

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This sexy legal eagle was my partner on a prosecution case. With no hard evidence to work with, we role played the details of the case to get a better idea of the defendant's motives, and to determine if the sex was truly consensual. First I unbuttoned her top, then reached between her long tanned legs and took off her wet panties. I whipped it out so she could displayed her deft oral skills, then licked her ass like a perv before fucking her gorgeous twat.

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Poor Tiffany has broken her only pair of glasses and is trying to find a doctors office that can fit her for a new pair right away. She calls information and finds Nicholas, a local eye doctor that can fit her right away. As Tiffany receives her new specs , she confesses that she has no money to pay up. Well Nicholas cannot give her the glasses unless she makes the payment. Cum inside and watch how Tiffany makes her payment to Nicholas' satisfaction!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

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Rebecca was the victim of sexual harassment at her job and needed a lawyer. She came to my office looking for legal help but had difficulty describing the events since her English was so poor. The only way to overcome this communication breakdown was to use the universal language. So this South American sexpot dropped to her knees and showed me how the bad man made her suck it. Then she bent over and showed me how she was forced to take it hard in the pussy and the asshole.

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This cute sandy blonde babe with that hit-me-baby-one-more-time look was a temp at our office. Temp must be short for temptress, because those alluring eyes and pouty lips drew me in like cock magnet. She went down south and sucked my north pole balls deep, making all kinds of sweet slurping and gagging sounds Then she backed up that fine round ass into my cock as I choked her from behind with that sexy necktie. It looks cumtastic on her chinny-chin-chin!

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I was taking measurements in the office so I could lay new carpet, when I couldn't help but notice that the hot blonde secretary had no carpet herself. Not only wasn't she wearing any panties but I spotted her pierced clit hanging out like a rock climber. I felt it was an invitation to party, so I called up Mr. Big and the boys and stuffed her like a taco supreme. Her precious pink pussy took a pounding and she gobbled up my cum like had the elixir.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

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Kendra is not your typical employer. For one thing, she only hires men... and for another, all the men she hires are young guys in good shape with a big bulge in their jeans. If you fit that description you should definitely send her your resume because whether she hires you full time or part time you can be sure you will be spending most of your time balls deep in this babe's box! Her perfectly shaved hairless pussy doesn't taste a day over twenty-two... and when you get all the way up her ass you will swear her holes are ten years young than she is!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Although you know the answer to this question, let's try to figure out who this man (or woman) is that Victoria waits for. Her boss? Maybe, but why does this office slut have her pantyhose on when she should pull them down to safe from scratchy foreplay? Her lesbian girlfriend? It is possible, but where are the office sex toys? OMG, is Victoria waiting for a spirit to have invisible office sex?

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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It is fun to feast your eyes on sexy secretaries in skirt suits, pantyhose and stilettos. But how is it to wear this office uniform for all day long? Let's ask Jenny - this good secy chick who has already got rid of her skirt. As you can guess, the sexy secretary is not happy to be in this strict skirt and jacket. However, Jenny keeps her pantyhose and tie on. What does it mean? Nothing. Maybe.

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Well, every office babe dreams of becoming a lady boss at times. But what kind of office does Bagira fantasize to manage? Looks like this slutty secretary wants to be a procuress of a whorehouse, where sexy secretaries fuck around the clock. At least, this nasty office sex position, this provoking eye-making from above the glasses, this naughty playing with a pen...Bagira should be a nice boss!

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If you have got a pair of tits and a tight pussy, then getting access to Facebook is a twenty min affair for you. As soon as access to this social network has been closed in the office, sexy secretary Alina has seduced Tarzan, the system manager. A few mins of blowjob, oral office sex, cowgirl cock riding and voila! - the nasty secretary can chat in her favorite social network while others are working.

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