Sunday, December 1, 2013

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

These red furry panties are so cute but they are beginning to wear out and I want to wear them one last time just for you! The fabric would feel wonderful rubbing against your skin, you can see the nice furry texture against my ass. I love the look of these pantyhose, the black on black dot goes with almost anything. They are really soft and feel great against your skin, these are not some cheap drug store brand! The toe nail polish is blackish red but almost looks black in the photos for a gothic feel.
Smooth soles and panties

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The rear short mini skirt view of these patterned pantyhose on my inner thighs

I used to love these pantyhose sooo much! The unusual vertical pattern makes your legs look so long. Couple that with a short skirt and 5 inch heels and till will give you the most shapely and long legs ever! But there is a problem in paradise! My favorite pantyhose got a run on the back of the thigh just below my hem line and when I wear my favorite ultra mini skirt it show. Sure, I could wear longer skirts and hide it, but what would be the fun in that? Even though these pantyhose are well worn, you can see they are in pretty good shape except for that one horrible run.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sometimes I'm just sooo careless with my nude pantyhose

Sometimes I'm just sooo careless with my nude pantyhose, I wear them all the time in professional setting because I love showing off my beautiful smooth legs. But like any naughty pantyhose girl I get a rip or a run in them and nothing pisses me off more! And even the smallest imperfect can be such a distraction and they must be retired from service. All these nude pantyhose are very well worn bt my have a small rip, run or hole depending on the damage I caused. But my loss is your gain!
But like any naughty pantyhose girl I get a rip or a run in them and nothing pisses me off more!

Monday, January 21, 2013

No panties needed

Mckenzie loves the way her new fishnets feel on her skin. No panties needed for this princess. She wants it to all hang out. She just loves teasing with her toys, and knows exactly what gets her off. Watch her pull back all those juicy layers to get right to her g-spot Heels XXX

Absolutely nothing

Do you want to know what's underneath these silky smooth stockings? Absolutely nothing. This fiery redhead rips off her nylons to reveal a perfectly pink pussy. Watch her toy with it while she sucks on her toes and offers you a delicate foot job. Johnny Fetish

This buxom British dame oozes sex appeal

This buxom British dame oozes sex appeal. From the way she subtly tilts her head while staring into your eyes, to the way her hair falls tastefully into her face, she is pure European class. Watch as she reaches deep inside her pantyhose to feel the warmth of pink Nylons TGP

Monday, January 14, 2013

It's just that simple

It's just that simple. She has zero inhibitions when showcasing her gigantic tits and juicy buns. Two minutes into it, and she's already in a full cock-sucking feeding frenzy. There ain't no wang this crazy, loose whore won't polish. Playing dueling dicks with Brad and Jack Vegas, Eva loves getting cock-spittle all over her melons. These studs even slap their bruisers on her face as she greedily jams balls, dicks and pricks in that lovely mouth of hers. What a sizzling hot cum-drinking bitch! Look Sex

As she gets all hot and bothered

As she gets all hot and bothered, she's going to end up making you moan, groan and scream in pleasure as she works that toy deep inside of her, getting more and more worked up. These gorgeous amateur girls are horny and all alone, the perfect combination for mind-blowing masturbation! Who needs a man when you've got both hands to satisfy your tight virgin pussy? Watch these hometown cuties give their twats the full circle while pleasuring themselves to creamy, head-spinning orgasms. Cum Gag

She puts on her naughtiest clothes

She is a gorgeous, lovely and above all delicious brunette who is absolutely in the mood to drive you crazy with the way that she ends up playing with herself. She puts on her naughtiest clothes and a wicked smile, working her glass dildo up and down her body so much that you're going to just lose your mind looking at her. Coed Sluts

Sunday, January 13, 2013

stretches her sexy gams

Playing with her sexy black lace panties Zuzana continues to seduce you with her smooth moves and amazingly gorgeous long legs. She knows just how to move those long legs of hers to keep you glued to your seat, simply staring as she lifts and stretches her sexy gams. Now she has you right where she wants you! Every inch of her body makes you drool from the top of her silky golden blonde hair, passed her perfect natural breasts, her sweet smooth pink slit, down to her long sheer stocking tease legs. Nylons TGP

Her glossy pink lips smile and tease as she seduces you with her perfect body.

Tall and slinky, Zuzana loves to sensually dance and tease in silky dresses draped over her perfect all natural body. Her toned creamy thighs peeping from underneath the hem of her soft sandwashed silk dress. Her body slowly moving and swaying as you watch. Her thigh high stockings are two toned, a lovely black seam slides up the back of her long slender legs and end at a sultry wide black lace band wrapped snugly around her perfect thighs. Her glossy pink lips smile and tease as she seduces you with her perfect body. Panty Gallery

Keep watching

Having freed her large soft natural breasts from her sensuous white lace bra, the pouty lip blonde is now wearing nothing but her expensive white lace mesh garter and an amazing pair of triple band white floral thigh high stockings and strappy open toe mule platform stiletto heels. She's so hot and ready now, touching her sweet smooth pink slit and making it wetter and wetter with each finger touch. This honry blonde has worked herself up into a sensual frenzy and wants you to watch her climax. Keep watching. Free Boobs Daily

Golden silky hair clipped high and spilling around her neck

Golden silky hair clipped high and spilling around her neck, this busty babe moves slowly and sexually to entice you and seduce you. She knows you want her more and more with every sexy moves she makes. It really turns her on high to know you want her so badly. Look at how gorgeous and erotic she is as she slowly strips down and taunts you. No longer wearing her mini white satin corset, her large heavy breasts are nearly bulging out of her sheer white lace bra. Her golden tan skin is perfect in white lingerie. Johnny Fetish

Wearing nothing but a sexy smile

Wearing nothing but a sexy smile, her thigh high black stay put stockings, and a smart sexy pair of kitten heel pumps, this horny blonde is wet and ready. She gets so hot when she teases and taunts you with her hot body, knowing your cock is ready to explode for her. Now nearly naked expect for her black pumps and shimmery thigh highs, she puts her perfect tanned round ass in your face to make you drool even more. The urge to bury your face and cock deep between her cheeks grows stronger! Heels XXX

Gorgeous eyes and pretty shiny pink lips

Gorgeous eyes and pretty shiny pink lips, this blonde babe is soft and sexy. Perfectly manicured fingers slide along her smooth tanned skin, unbuttoning her royal blue satin blouse to expose her delicious round tits. She knows you want to cup your hands over her purple satin bra. Silky blonde hair falling over her shoulders as she bends over and sits down to peel out of her hot little black miniskirt. Your eyes are all over her body, from her head to her toes tucked inside black pumps. Long legs that seem to go on for miles as she takes off her skirt. Heels XXX

Saturday, January 5, 2013

check out her ass and tits

This skinny brunette has a body that is near perfect, just check out her ass and tits! Be sure to add this spinner to your personal collection. Nylons TGP

This beautiful girl has an amazing asset

This beautiful girl has an amazing asset -- those huge DD natural breasts! Super firm, with a perfect round shape, they are a busty fan's dream come true! She's a total first timer, and she's never done any porn before... but she's very excited! Waking up in the comfy bed, we check her out as she plays with herself topless, and massages those huge breasts nice and hard... Using a vibrator she comes to a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, quite a few of them! She even mini-squirts a few times. She is truly multi-orgasmic... Out to the store, she flashes her breasts and goes all out public nudity at the gas station, drawing attention to those huge breasts! Then she fingers herself with as many as 4 fingers... she's very wet inside! She also has very pretty private parts as she spreads and gapes for us. Putting her hair in pigtails, she's back out in the heat, and wetting herself in the water fountain... with a little bit of foot fetish (she's got really cute & petite feet!). Finding a zucchini, she has hard sex with it, notice how tight she is! Her tight vagina can shoot it out, and she squirts a little... Out at poolside, she cools down, watch those breasts float as she plays with them! Out at a fancy resort, she's wearing a pink dress, and risking it all by masturbating right there, to another strong and sweaty orgasm! Back home, she attempts to fist, and gets about 5 fingers in her... The next morning, she wakes up, gets intimate with you, puts on makeup, and her hair in braids... Out on a busy street she pulls her top off and lets everyone see her perfect naturals! She even fingers herself on the street... Then its time for the Vibraking Toy, and it brings her to the strongest orgasm of her life! Notice the massively pulsating vagina, and the strong squirts she's never experienced before! Pushing herself to her limits, she tries a series of dildos, starting with the Long Pink (deep!) then the Big Pink (which she can 'shoot out' thanks to her tight vaginal muscles) Free Boobs Daily

You know who you are.

You know who you are. Every time a girl in a tight skirt or pants walks by you have to see her panty lines and imagine what color her panties are. It makes you horny just seeing those lines. And when you can see through her skirt you know she is showing is no mistake. How about nurse's in white dresses and black underwear.....they are the best and here are two very pretty nurses showing it off just the way you like. Panty Gallery

Two pretty girls in black panties

Two pretty girls in black panties, stockings and garter belts tease an old pervy blindfolded man. They make him guess who is sucking his cock as they strip and describe their panties and lingerie. The old bastard cums a huge amount over their eager faces. Panty Gallery